Who says you shouldn't

Kiss & Tell?!

You're already a Very Important Person, but how would you like to be a Very Important Customer and get discounts on every single order you place, plus get rewarded for sharing your own personal discount code with your friends? Yes?! Read on to find out more about our Kiss & Tell Preferred Customer program!

What is Kiss & Tell?

It's an exclusive VIC (Very Important Customer!) program that gives you

  • 10% off EVERY. SINGLE. ORDER

  • Free shipping on orders over $160 (usually $8)

  • The chance to earn "Kiss Kredits" to put towards future purchases

  • The ability to share your own, unique referral code and earn even more Kiss Kredits!

  • Access to exclusive promotions

There are no monthly minimums or autoships required and you can cancel your membership at any time.

What does it cost?

There is an annual cost of $17. If your first purchase is $170, the discount you receive pays for your annual membership and the rest of your savings go in your pocket for the rest of the year!

What are Kiss Kredits?

Kiss Kredits are like loyalty points and you can start earning them with your very first purchase! 1 Kiss Kredit = 1 retail dollar worth of SeneGence products. 

How do I earn Kiss Kredits?

  • Earn 25 Kiss Kredits when you order $170+ in products for three months in a row. 

  • Earn 25 Kiss Kredits when the friends you refer become Kiss & Tell members and place $170 cumulative retail orders within their first month of enrollment.


That basically makes you an INFLUENCER! Think about it - how often do you tell your friends about your favourite coffee place? Or a great movie you just saw? Or a clothing brand you love? Do you get rewarded when they then go and buy a coffee/watch that movie/shop with that clothing brand?? This is EXACTLY the same - but you get rewarded!

How do I refer a friend to become a Kiss & Tell Preferred Customer member?

Upon becoming a Kiss & Tell Preferred Customer, you’ll be given a  unique referral code to share with your family and friends.

When they place an order of $170 within their first month of enrollment using your special referral code, you’ll earn Kiss Kredits to use on your future orders!

How do I know if Kiss & Tell is right for me?

If you:

  • love skincare and/or makeup

  • love a discount (who doesn't?!)

  • are an "add-to-cart" kinda gal who doesn't necessarily want to message someone to place an order

  • like sharing what products you use with friends/family/colleagues

  • want to earn credits to save even MORE on your personal purchases

then Kiss & Tell is 100% right for you!

If you prefer to shop with me at full retail, get free shipping on orders over $100, receive my personally packaged orders with a little somethin' extra each time, you can still continue to do that, even if you do sign up for Kiss & Tell as well. It's your choice!

How do I sign up?

Click the button below to be taken to the NZ Senegence website where you can create your account. Because the program is currently still going through upgrades, in order to add your new membership to your cart and pay your $17, you need to add a product to your cart. If you were planning to purchase that product anyway - perfect! If not, that's OK - you will delete it later on in the process.


Once you've added the product to your cart, start the checkout process. Click "Preferred Customer Checkout". Fill out your details and click "Create Account". You’ll then see your cart with the product you added and the Kiss & Tell Membership. This is where you would delete the product if you don't want to purchase it. Follow the rest of the process to initiate your membership! You will then receive an email with your unique referral code like this:

Now you're ready to shop, save and share!

Read the official Kiss & Tell Preferred Customer Rules here

Read the Kiss & Tell FAQ here