Grooming Hair Balm with SenePlex+™


52 g / 1.8 oz

Grooming Hair Balm provides a light to medium hold that gives a flexible, natural look while providing a satin-matte finish.

Nourishes, hydrates, and improves the texture of hair
Resists humidity and smooths out frizz
Easily style, shape, and define hair

Grooming Hair Balm is designed to help you look like your best self! When your hair and beard style is on point, it gives you that extra edge to keep winning!

Grooming Balm delivers a light-medium hold that gives you a natural look while providing a non-greasy, satin-matte finish. Our versatile balm product can be used on hair, beards, and mustaches to provide perfectly tamed styles. Your hair won’t feel or look crunchy or stiff with this flexible styling product. It also promotes healthy-looking hair with beneficial ingredients.

The formula is infused with Nangai oil, the natural oil from the nut of the Nangai tree, native to Vanuatu. Nangai Oil is the ideal moisturizer for dry, dull hair, and an effective hydrator for your scalp. This oil is light, quick-absorbing, and non-greasy.

     Nangai Nut 
Additionally, sunflower extract has a variety of hair benefits such as:

Promotes healthier-looking hair
Helps reduce frizz
Encourages softer, more manageable hair
Rosemary Leaf Extract is an effective antioxidant ingredient with soothing properties. It also provides protection from environmental elements.

Additional ingredients such as synthetic beeswax and carnauba wax helps to provide a hold that is flexible and can be remolded throughout the day

Key Benefits

Provides light-medium hold in hair that is flexible and non-crunchy
Nourishes, hydrates, and improves the texture of hair
Resists humidity and smoothes out frizz
Formulated without gluten, sulfates, phthalates, parabens, animal by-products and silicone

Key Ingredients and Benefits


Nangai Seed Oil: a natural oil derived from the Nangai nut that moisturizes skin and hair. 

Castor Seed Oil: moisturizes and promotes healthy-looking hair.  

Sunflower Extract: packed with high levels of essential oils that help to reduce frizziness, and promote soft, manageable hair.

Rosemary Leaf Extract: soothes skin and hair. 

Rice Bran Extract: revitalizes dull-looking hair by maintaining its moisture. 

Synthetic Beeswax and Carnauba Wax: help to provide a flexible hold for styling hair.

Aloe Vera Leaf Juice: Helps to calm dry skin.


Additional Ingredients Supporting the Formula


Laminaria Digitata (Algae) Extract: marine extracts promote healthy-looking and feeling hair. It can also help soothe dry hair and skin.

Corallina Officinalis (Seaweed) Extract: helps keep skin and hair moisturized.

Cucumis Sativus (Cucumber) Fruit Extract: contains natural vitamins which help to soothe the scalp and promote healthy-looking hair.

Vitamin B: helps to improve the shine and softness of hair.

Vitamin E: provides antioxidant protection.


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