Kiwi Kisses is a feeling, not a name.

How often do you open your mailbox and feel excited? What about when you open a parcel and find something stuffed inside without any special touches?

Branding is really important to me. It’s more than just how something looks, it’s how it makes you FEEL.

When you open the mailbox and see my parcel sitting there.

When you hold it in your hands and feel that little thrill of “ooh I can’t wait to open this!”

When you open it and feel the love I put into your order.

I want you to feel like you matter, that you’re important and that I really care about you. Because you do, you are and I do.

I was lucky enough to be #gifted some beautiful Art Paper Stickers by StickerDot (whose products I actually already use!) I love how easy the custom stickers are to peel and stick (if you get an upside down one on your package, it’s probably one of my wee helpers!) and the finish is superb. I have the gloss stickers for my logo and the matte ones in two different sizes for my business card sticker and the Kiss & Tell ones. I also use their business cards for my thank you notes!

If you’re after high quality products with excellent customer service, I highly recommend StickerDot!

I’d love to know - does it matter to you whether you receive a hand-written note or not?

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