LipSense Colours

Whether you love bold, bright colours or prefer more subtle, natural colours, there's something here for everyone. And, because of the unique application technology, you can mix and match colours to create custom shades. The world is your oyster!

LipSense comes in a range of colours, tones and finishes (matte, frost, shimmer). Due to it's unique application technique, you can also create your own custom shades by either layering different colours or pre-mixing them. You can even do ombre looks because the colours don't mix when you rub your lips together!

If you're a first time LipSense user, you'll need to invest in a starter kit. This contains:

  • LipSense colour of your choice $38

    • Comes in 24 different shades with various finishes of frost, shimmer or matte.​ Lasts 4 - 18 hours.

  • Gloss of your choice $30

    • Seals the colour, hydrates the lips​ and improves longevity of the colour.

  • Ooops Remover $16

    • Corrects mistakes or removes colour at the end of the day or when you want to change your colour.​

But really, who wears just one colour lipstick?? Buy 2 colours, a gloss and remover and receive a free lippy purse or makeup bag. 

Actually, let's be real. We all need a daytime colour, a nighttime colour, and one just for fun. Buy all three, a gloss and a remover and receive a free mirrored lippy case!

Knowing your skin tone helps you choose colours, but you can rock anything you're comfortable in!

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