I'm sure by now you have plenty of questions! I've answered some of the most common ones I get below, but if there is anything else please do let me know!

Q: How IS LIPSENSE different from a lipstick or A lip STAIN?


A: LipSense is not a cream that sits on the surface of the lips, nor is it a stain that penetrates your skin. LipSense is a liquid lip colour that is specially formulated to form a molecular bonds with your lips. The SD40 alcohol delivery system means that the alcohol evaporates, leaving behind the coloured pigments. Unlike most lipsticks, balms, lip stains and glosses, LipSense doesn't contain wax (which creates a barrier on your lips and locks out moisture) allowing the hydrating lip gloss to penetrate the color and hydrate your lips with Shea Butter and Vitamin E.



Q: Do I have to buy the gloss and remover? Can I just buy the colour?

A: Unless you already own a LipSense gloss and an Ooops Remover then yes, you do have to buy all three. LipSense is like the rockstar of the show: it's what's front and centre, but without it's manager (the gloss) there would be no performance. The gloss is what sets the colour and ensures it can werk it aaaaalll day. The long-lasting properties of LipSense are enhanced by any of the LipSense moisturizing glosses. The gloss products also help to keep the lips moist and plump. Moisturizing Glosses not only cover and protect naked lips but also provides exceptional protection from the elements and helps repair dry, damaged, chapped and/or sensitive lips.


Ooops! Remover is formulated to gently remove the patented long-lasting color technology. It is to be used both as a remover after the color technology has been on the skin for a number of hours, and as an instant mistake corrector. Ooops! works as unbinder for the color technology. Ooops! lifts the color technology from skin so it may be removed with a warm, damp wash cloth.



A: The Lipsense formula is patented and it is the only product that is both long lasting AND hydrating. The formula belongs exclusively to Senegence and is kept secret so no other company can replicate it. The ingredients list is freely available but it's impossible to duplicate because it's not just what's in it, its HOW it's made.


Q: Is lipsense vegan?


A: Yes! And, as well as containing no animal by-products, it's Wax Free, NON- GMO, Cruelty Free and Lead Free.

Q: Does LipSense give any sun protection?

A: Yes! LipSense contains Titanium Dioxide which gives a natural mechanical barrier against both UVA and UVB rays. The proprietary formulations and color pigments in LipSense help create a mechanical covering for the lips. That means the skin on your lips are protected from the sun’s rays by the color pigments. That is just one of the reasons your lips become so smooth and soft with consistent use of LipSense.



A: LipSense lip color will lasts from 4-18 hours. You'll probably see that some colors last much longer than others because 1) each color is made differently and 2) LipSense reacts with your body’s pH and skin chemistry.


Over time the particles that help the color pigments to molecularly bind to the skin (see ingredient listing) begin to detach from the skin’s surface. The rate at which this occurs varies tremendously and is based upon the pH-balance of each person’s skin and the color they’ve chosen to wear for the day. LipSense lip colors formulated with Micas do not tend to wear as long as the solid matte shades of LipSense. Micas create shine and shimmer. They reflect light and are made of particles that are larger than color pigments. Micas and may flick off the skin with regular skin movements. Talking and scraping lip movements like drinking from a cup can facilitate this process. You can assume up to an hour of less wear when wearing a Mica color.


Each tube of color has a varied formulation and mixture of color pigments to arrive at a specific color. Some colors naturally last longer than others because of the different body chemistry of each wearer, plus some colors are thicker or richer in color pigmentations, while others are sheer and thinner.


If you have followed the application tips and gloss regularly throughout the day, then no, you shouldn't need to reapply. Personally, if I'm taking a colour through a whole day and into a night, I might touch up my colour on my waterline, then do an extra coat all over just to get it looking perfect again. 


Q: Do I need a liner? will the colour bleed [into my age lines]?

A: Although there are liners (LinerSense) I personally don't think it is necessary. Because the colour doesn't go anywhere except where you put it, I favour using the pointy end of the LipSense  to outline my lips, then filling it in. It will not bleed!

Q: What happens if I don't like the colour? What happens if I don't like the product at all?

A: LipSense is 100% satisfaction guaranteed, so not only will I help you choose a colour, if it's not the right one for you we can swap it out, for up to 90 days after the purchase date. If you REALLY don't like the product at all, I'll give you your money back!


A: A single color of LipSense - if worn everyday - lasts between 4-6 months (that’s as long as 4 regular lipsticks!) however most customers purchase more than one color which extends the longevity of the product. Glosses will usually last 3-4 weeks but, again, most customers purchase multiple glosses.


A: LipSense has a 3 year shelf life. It lasts  longer than any traditional cosmetics because it contains cosmetic grade alcohol (SD-40), which blocks out all the bacteria and keeps it to be preservative free. If left untouched for months, the pigments will settle, so a good shake is required to redistribute the pigments. 

Q: Why is there alcohol in it? Won't it dry out my lips?


A: Cosmetic grade Denatured Alcohol is nothing close to Isopropyl Alcohol–or rubbing alcohol. In fact, you need Denatured Alcohol to apply LipSense to lips, while rubbing alcohol instantly removes LipSense from the skin. We do not recommend the use of rubbing alcohol on the skin because it dries out the skin. LipSense is formulated with Denatured Alcohol because:

  • It is thinner than water and suspends the tiny particles within the formula.

  • It immediately evaporates from the skin upon the delivery of the technology to the skin. (The “tingling” sensation felt on the lips, when some wearers first begin to use the color, is the evaporation process of the Denatured Alcohol felt within the dry cracks of the lips. This sensation disappears as lower layers of skin’s moisture content are restored by the use of the moisturizing gloss.)

Q: Do i have to do three layers of the colour? 

A: YES. Why? Layering LipSense is a must due to the fact the color breaks down with the pH balance of the skin.
1st layer: touches the skin’s pH and will begin to break down first and fastest.
2nd layer: protected from the bottom, away from the skin’s pH, by the first layer.
3rd layer: protects the second layer from the top down and prevents sheering of second layer of color by keeping away friction, saliva, and the natural environment. The third layer breaks down just like the first layer, but from the top down. The second layer is sandwiched between the first and third and is protected by both for the longest period of use. I refer to this as "a LipSense Sandwich. You never make a sandwich with just a single piece of bread and no filling!

It's KEY to keep your layers thin so that they dry quickly and set in place.

Q) Is our product Natural?

A) It is not 100 % natural; therefore we do not claim a “natural product.” However, by far the majority of the ingredients are all natural. There are some scientific ingredients needed to boost the effects of some of the natural ingredients and to make them ‘gel’ together so they work and do not separate. There are no harmful ingredients and no animal by-products within our ingredients of choice.

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Lipsense vs lipstick